A quiet, unsung hero at St. Vincent Charity

In March 2016, Dr. Lloyd Cook was selected as St. Vincent Charity’s Physician of the Year. On October 6, 2016 at Caritas: A Celebration of St. Vincent Charity in Cleveland, we had the opportunity to once again recognize Dr. Cook and hear from a few others why he is so deserving of this honor. All of us at St. Vincent Charity know it, but at Caritas we are able to celebrate Dr. Cook and other members of the SVCMC family with friends, donors and the community.

The St. Vincent Charity Medical Center Physician of the Year brings distinction to the hospital through medical excellence, community involvement, entrepreneurial efforts and health advocacy. They provide care beyond medicine to patients by treating their unique medical needs in a highly personal way and show commitment to the healing ministry of Jesus.

When I think of physicians who are true pillars in this department of medicine, Lloyd Cook always comes to mind. Dr. Cook lives the mission of this hospital; he embodies what we are about.

Dr. Cook is a quiet, unsung hero of our medical staff. He takes care of all God’s people with no distinction, treating all with the same quality, concern and compassion. As a medical home, his practice was recently recognized with a Gold Star Achievement Award from the Better Health Partnership for the successful treatment and management of his patients with hypertension. Dr. Cook spreads his passion for healing to the residents at St. Vincent Charity and is committed to helping the hospital in any way he can. He is truly someone who believes and acts with the healing mission of Jesus in mind.

He wants everybody to be healthy. Dr. Cook will try to teach his patients about their own healthcare and will let them know that whatever illness or disease they are going through, they aren’t going through it alone.

Watch the video to learn more about our Physician of the Year and see just why he is so deserving of this honor.